Product Reviews: Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm & Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist

Hi all.  I hope that this review helps someone.  And I am listing these two together because I used them together, someone else may have a different routine that worked for them.

I ordered sample sizes of these two products after reading and watching so many positive reviews on YouTube.  Both products were used on freshly washed and conditioned hair.

On my damp hair (my hair just hits my shoulders), I applied a quarter sized amount of the Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm.  I let my hair air dry for about an hour, then used the blow dryer to fully dry it.  I was amazed my the softness of my hair, especially my ends, which tend to be dry.  I wrapped my hair up and that was it.  It was still very moisturized the next day and I was impressed by the shine that it had.

For the next 4 days in the mornings, I parted my hair and sprayed the Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist on my new growth.  This softened it tremendously and I was able to comb through it with no problem with little breakage.  Honestly, I could have skipped days in between spraying my new growth 1.)because the spray was very moisturizing and 2.) it has been raining here the last few days, so the humidity has locked in some moisture.

Now, here is where I messed up.  2 days ago, I thought that my ends looked kind of dry and I had ran out of the KTRM (I was pleased by all of the sample sizes except this one, it might be worth buying the large bottle and passing it on if you don’t like it.), so I used about a dime sized amount of the OHHB on my dry ends.  Bad idea on dry hair.  Since honey absorbs moisture, my hair has looked like it is wet ever since.  I tried to blow dry it out and it just hasn’t worked.  In addition, I am not sure if I just  used too much since it contains honey or if my dry hair just doesn’t like it, but I feel like I have build up on the length of my hair.

So, would I purchase these two items again?  Certainly.  But, they are a little pricey, so I would either stock up or use them sparingly.

I also purchased samples of the Burdock Root Butter Cream and the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, reviews will come from them later.  I am trying to stick to one product at a time so that I can fully weigh its effectiveness on my hair.



My Journey to Natural Hair

Good evening all.  This started as a product review post, but then I figured that I needed to give some background about what I was talking about, so here it is…

Let me first say that I am in the process of transitioning to natural hair.  I am 2 months post relaxer and have no set time frame in which to do the big chop.  Whenever I get comfortable with the length of my natural hair, I will do it.  Many of the natural hair blogs and YouTube videos have inspired me, so I feel more comfortable with the process this time around.

In addition, this is my 3rd attempt to go natural.  I don’t think that I had enough knowledge the previous times to keep up the two hair types, so I went back to the relaxer.  I hope to not do that again.  If for some reason I do, I am ok with that because I have learned techniques to maintain healthy hair.  I think that there is a certain stereotype that is given to women who relax their hair, usually that we are trying to be more white.  I also think that there is a certain stereotype that is given to women who have natural hair, that they are militant.  I don’t feel like I fit into either of those stereotypes, I am just trying to see my natural hair again.

My first relaxer wasn’t as early as most women, mine was in middle school.  But, I was subjected to the hot comb for many years.  Now when I need my hair to look a certain way, I use my flat iron on a low setting.  I use very little heat on my hair and I have seen less shedding since.

I think that is about it, so on to the next post, the product review!


3 Product Reviews: Kiss My Face, Dr. Bronner’s & Talulah Skincare

Preface:  These are about facial care.  Hopefully they make sense, they will be sort of intertwined.

The first review is for Kiss My Face’s Pure Olive Oil Soap.  If I remember correctly, I used this on my face for October and November.  I would wash my face first in the shower and leave the soap on until I was ready to do a final rinse.  I had sworn off bar soaps, but I love how moisturizing this was.  I would follow with a blend of essential oils that I made as a moisturizer.  The only reason why I switched was because I didn’t feel like  the bar soap was helping my acne.

I starting using Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Organic Bar Soap following the same regimen as above right after Thanksgiving.  I have heard other people say not to use the bar soaps from Dr. Bronner’s, but GNC didn’t have the smaller, 2 oz. bottle of the liquid that I wanted.  While I loved the tea tree oil and felt like my breakouts didn’t last as long, I realized that after a few weeks, if I left the soap on my face the entire length of the shower, my face would start to burn in spots (mainly under my eyes and around my nose).  It also seemed like my skin started looking sort of dull and was getting more and more dry.  So, I started just washing and rinsing my face, not leaving it on as long.  At the end of December, I realized that I had two marks on my face that looked like brush burns, one was on the left side of my mouth, it was the size of a quarter, the other was on my left cheek, about the size of a dime.  Nothing in my regimen had changed except for the Dr. Bronner’s soap, so I discontinued using it.

Following this, I had a sample of Talulah Skincare’s Forest Mint Creamy Cleaning Milk.  I can say that using this helped to restore moisture to my face after washing.  When that sample ran out, I used a sample of Talulah’s Vanilla Bean Rejuvenating Cleanser.  While I love that this exfoliated my face and helped get rid of some of the dry skin, MHS and I had completely different reactions to it.  This dried his face out like crazy.  While I absolutely love Talulah, their products are a little pricey, even with coupons, so I save my purchases from them for special occasions.

Now, I am using Kiss My Face’s Olive and Aloe Moisture Wash on my face, but I need to come up with something different because I still need to tackle my acne & discolorations.  I am thinking of trying their Pure & Potent line, or I might just go ahead and spurge on one item from Talulah.


Inner Noise vs. Outer Noise

Here is a conversation that happened between a worker in our building and myself last week…

Him: Why you so easy?

MDP: Excuse me?

Him: Why you so easy?

MDP: Can you rephrase that? (slightly confused and offended at this point)

Him: Why you talk so easy?

MDP: I really don’t know what you are trying to ask…

Him: I can’t hear, you talk too soft.

Now, this is not uncommon for me.  MHS tells me that it is a problem when we are out sometimes.  I guess that I am just a soft-spoken person in general compared to other people.  I think that I am speaking at a normal, undisturbing level, but it seems as though most people just can’t hear me.

But this morning on my way to work, I was on a small, 20 passenger van.  There were only 3 of us the van at 8am, but one woman felt the need to ask the bus driver about the inauguration in a level that was way too loud.  Unfortunately, my response to this was not too nice, it was a loud sigh.

The problem is that some people are just way too loud for no apparent reason, as if they can’t tell how loud they are.  But when does that affect your inner noise?  I use that term loosely, it could mean thinking, humming, whatever fits for you.  Can you block something like that out?  Do you get distracted from what you are previously thinking?  For me, I was thinking about what I was going to walk into at work after a busy weekend and I couldn’t get back to my inner noise.

Once at work, one of my supervisors came to me and told me that a document that I did last week was wrong, despite the fact that she and another person proofed it and I just made the final corrections.  I listened to her tell me everything that I did incorrectly, and realized that I was really trying to block her out.  I wasn’t trying to block her out to be rude or insubordinate, but my inner noise still wasn’t right, you know?

So, whatever your noise is, or whatever is interrupting that noise, I hope that you are able to focus.  For me, that is an important thing that I need to keep myself sane.

Hello out there, there, there…

to anyone who just happens to come upon this post.  In case you didn’t get my title, look at the picture at the top of my blog and think of the echo that you would get on that mountain range.  And now ladies and gentlemen, you have been introduced to my dull sense of humor.

It is Sunday afternoon and I am supposed to me working on my graduate class assignment, but I really wanted to post my first blog here.  But, I will make this brief.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and weighed in at 185 lbs. and I am 5’3″.  The heaviest that I have ever been was around 200 lbs.  I wish that I could attribute my weight loss to some awesome fitness plan, but alas, it was from some crazy throat infection (I was on a liquid diet for about 3 weeks, and believe me, that wasn’t by choice.) that turned into some random stomach flu.

The point in all of that was while I realize that my weight loss was not healthy, I am going to try to make a concious effort to be more healthy.  My optimal weight goal is around 150 lbs., which happens to be the weight I was 6 years ago when MHS and I met, and that happens to be about how much he weighs.  If I lose weight on this journey, great, hooray for me.  If not, no biggie, I just want to overall quality of my life to improve.