Well hello there!

I am a 33 year old African American woman who is  trying to improve the quality of  her life by living more naturally, holistically and organically.  Overall, I would like explore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and what those things may mean and/or look like to people, especially myself. 

In addition, a part of this will be a journal for my physical health.  I am aware of the fact that there are certain health risks that are higher in African American women than in other ethnic groups, so this is sort of my way to improve myself and to try to beat the statistics.  I don’t expect drastic changes from myself, but I do expect to hold myself accountable and try.   

There will also be food/product reviews mixed in. 

Feel free to comment and thanks for coming along for the ride! :0)



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  1. Mark Sternagle

    Keep it up!

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