Juicing for a Day

This past Sunday, I decided to use our juicer.  MHS and I had purchased a bunch of citrus fruit (mainly oranges, a few grapefruit, and a lime) from the Commissary.  My hopes were to juice the citrus items and then freeze it for this winter so that we weren’t paying crazy prices for orange juice.

Let me say upfront that I juiced 11 oranges, two decent sized grapefruit and a lime.  I thought that I would get much more juice than what I got, I didn’t even fill the old container that I was using (I think that I got a little more than 32 oz.).  In addition, I took all of the left over pulp and ran it back through the juicer.  While I want us to do this for our health, if it wasn’t for the Commissary, I don’t know if we would be able to reasonably do this because I feel like we would need a case of whatever we wanted to juice in order for this to be truly beneficial.  In addition, I was not pleased with the amount of pulp that was left over.  I think that if I was doing all vegetables, the pulp would be good to make vegetable broth, but I am going to have to figure out a way to use it or eliminate it.

In the middle of juicing the citrus, I figured, “Why not make something for yourself and see if you would actually be able to do the juicing diet thing?”  So, I juiced 2 carrots, one orange, a handful of grapes maybe 2 cups of celery and one McIntosh apple.  Uh…  Wow!  All I can say is that while the juice smelled faintly of oranges, the celery taste was wicked!  I told MHS and I think that he found it amusing, but for me, it clearly wasn’t, that was almost a deal breaker for me.  Anyway, I came out with about 24 ounces of juice for myself, which I was a bit disappointed in because I thought that I would get more juice.  I was able to drink it all; I didn’t have any adverse effects as some people report, and just drank water for the rest of the day.  I wasn’t hungry, didn’t feel faint, nothing.  The lesson learned for me is to not use even half as much celery when juicing because it was almost unbearable.

My goal is to slowly work into juicing.  I think that I would like to start off one day a week, then move on to juicing for 2 meals a day and eating one.  What are your experiences with juicing?  Do you have any favorite recipes?




  1. I think that it’s the juicer I use to juice a lot, but it started tasting like puree, and I don’t like pulp this is a great review

    • mdprimar

      Yes! Our juicer isn’t good at straining, all of the juice would settle to the bottom, then we would have a layer of ‘sludge’ on top. We paid a lot for it, but between that and all of the pulp left over, we are both a bit frustrated. Luckily we just got a Ninja, so I hope to review that soon. Thanks for commenting!

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