Product Reviews: Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm & Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist

Hi all.  I hope that this review helps someone.  And I am listing these two together because I used them together, someone else may have a different routine that worked for them.

I ordered sample sizes of these two products after reading and watching so many positive reviews on YouTube.  Both products were used on freshly washed and conditioned hair.

On my damp hair (my hair just hits my shoulders), I applied a quarter sized amount of the Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm.  I let my hair air dry for about an hour, then used the blow dryer to fully dry it.  I was amazed my the softness of my hair, especially my ends, which tend to be dry.  I wrapped my hair up and that was it.  It was still very moisturized the next day and I was impressed by the shine that it had.

For the next 4 days in the mornings, I parted my hair and sprayed the Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist on my new growth.  This softened it tremendously and I was able to comb through it with no problem with little breakage.  Honestly, I could have skipped days in between spraying my new growth 1.)because the spray was very moisturizing and 2.) it has been raining here the last few days, so the humidity has locked in some moisture.

Now, here is where I messed up.  2 days ago, I thought that my ends looked kind of dry and I had ran out of the KTRM (I was pleased by all of the sample sizes except this one, it might be worth buying the large bottle and passing it on if you don’t like it.), so I used about a dime sized amount of the OHHB on my dry ends.  Bad idea on dry hair.  Since honey absorbs moisture, my hair has looked like it is wet ever since.  I tried to blow dry it out and it just hasn’t worked.  In addition, I am not sure if I just  used too much since it contains honey or if my dry hair just doesn’t like it, but I feel like I have build up on the length of my hair.

So, would I purchase these two items again?  Certainly.  But, they are a little pricey, so I would either stock up or use them sparingly.

I also purchased samples of the Burdock Root Butter Cream and the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, reviews will come from them later.  I am trying to stick to one product at a time so that I can fully weigh its effectiveness on my hair.



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