My Journey to Natural Hair

Good evening all.  This started as a product review post, but then I figured that I needed to give some background about what I was talking about, so here it is…

Let me first say that I am in the process of transitioning to natural hair.  I am 2 months post relaxer and have no set time frame in which to do the big chop.  Whenever I get comfortable with the length of my natural hair, I will do it.  Many of the natural hair blogs and YouTube videos have inspired me, so I feel more comfortable with the process this time around.

In addition, this is my 3rd attempt to go natural.  I don’t think that I had enough knowledge the previous times to keep up the two hair types, so I went back to the relaxer.  I hope to not do that again.  If for some reason I do, I am ok with that because I have learned techniques to maintain healthy hair.  I think that there is a certain stereotype that is given to women who relax their hair, usually that we are trying to be more white.  I also think that there is a certain stereotype that is given to women who have natural hair, that they are militant.  I don’t feel like I fit into either of those stereotypes, I am just trying to see my natural hair again.

My first relaxer wasn’t as early as most women, mine was in middle school.  But, I was subjected to the hot comb for many years.  Now when I need my hair to look a certain way, I use my flat iron on a low setting.  I use very little heat on my hair and I have seen less shedding since.

I think that is about it, so on to the next post, the product review!



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