3 Product Reviews: Kiss My Face, Dr. Bronner’s & Talulah Skincare

Preface:  These are about facial care.  Hopefully they make sense, they will be sort of intertwined.

The first review is for Kiss My Face’s Pure Olive Oil Soap.  If I remember correctly, I used this on my face for October and November.  I would wash my face first in the shower and leave the soap on until I was ready to do a final rinse.  I had sworn off bar soaps, but I love how moisturizing this was.  I would follow with a blend of essential oils that I made as a moisturizer.  The only reason why I switched was because I didn’t feel like  the bar soap was helping my acne.

I starting using Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Organic Bar Soap following the same regimen as above right after Thanksgiving.  I have heard other people say not to use the bar soaps from Dr. Bronner’s, but GNC didn’t have the smaller, 2 oz. bottle of the liquid that I wanted.  While I loved the tea tree oil and felt like my breakouts didn’t last as long, I realized that after a few weeks, if I left the soap on my face the entire length of the shower, my face would start to burn in spots (mainly under my eyes and around my nose).  It also seemed like my skin started looking sort of dull and was getting more and more dry.  So, I started just washing and rinsing my face, not leaving it on as long.  At the end of December, I realized that I had two marks on my face that looked like brush burns, one was on the left side of my mouth, it was the size of a quarter, the other was on my left cheek, about the size of a dime.  Nothing in my regimen had changed except for the Dr. Bronner’s soap, so I discontinued using it.

Following this, I had a sample of Talulah Skincare’s Forest Mint Creamy Cleaning Milk.  I can say that using this helped to restore moisture to my face after washing.  When that sample ran out, I used a sample of Talulah’s Vanilla Bean Rejuvenating Cleanser.  While I love that this exfoliated my face and helped get rid of some of the dry skin, MHS and I had completely different reactions to it.  This dried his face out like crazy.  While I absolutely love Talulah, their products are a little pricey, even with coupons, so I save my purchases from them for special occasions.

Now, I am using Kiss My Face’s Olive and Aloe Moisture Wash on my face, but I need to come up with something different because I still need to tackle my acne & discolorations.  I am thinking of trying their Pure & Potent line, or I might just go ahead and spurge on one item from Talulah.




  1. Mark Sternagle

    What item would you get from Talulah?

  2. mdprimar

    Based off of things that I have used from them over time (but only as samples), I would get (in no particular order):
    – Vanilla Bean Rejuvenating Cleanser
    – Forest Mint Creamy Cleaning Milk
    – Aromatic Body Serum in Blood Orange & Clove

    Things that I want to try when my budget allows are (in no particular order):
    – Clementine Intensive Repair Mask
    – Honeysuckle Refining Vegetel Peel
    – Wildflower Vitamin Mask
    – Nahla Bath & Body Oil

    Talulah also has a bunch of gift sets available, which I think they put together last fall. I think that anyone would be pleased with purchases made from them as long as they had checked out the website and knew to 1. convert the amounts over from mL to ounces so that you understand that you aren’t getting a lot of product for the price (just don’t want anyone to be shocked when they see the smaller bottles as compared to what you may get from the drugstore) and 2. the things that you receive are natural, and it takes a while for natural products to show results on the skin. Personally, it takes about 2 weeks for my skin to adjust to a product, so the samples that Talulah gives are just under the line for me. There have been a few samples that I have felt neutral about, but only one that I have felt truly disappointed about, but that is for another post.

    Hope that helps! :0)

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